TikTok: the scam targeting teens whose parents should be careful

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The magazine 60 million consumers collected the testimonies of minors who used TikTok and who paid sums of money to influencers of the social network. The latter would have used their notoriety to obtain donations.

TikTok is the second most downloaded application in the world. It brings together nearly 800 million active users who share fun and entertaining content. The average age in this social network is around 14 years. However, behind their benevolent videos, some famous "TikTokers" are said to extort money from young subscribers, as revealed by 60 million consumers.

The scam is simple: it relies on donations from a user in exchange for TikTokeurs attention or advertising. On TikTok, there is a store where users can buy virtual money and "gifts" that they can then give to TikTokers when they perform live.

600 euros paid to a TikTokeuse

At the end of August 2020, two TikTokers from the account "elles_sassument_off" called their subscribers to report personalities who demand money from minors. The two young women explain to 60 million consumers having received more than 150 testimonials in a few days.

The consumer association also broadcast several testimonials from young people who have donated money to their favorite TikTokers. Julie, 16, revealed to the magazine that she gave more than 600 euros to the tiktokeuse Oriane Farib alias "aanxly" on the social network. To get her attention, the young woman sends her gifts during her live shows. The Combine Works - The celebrity adds her to a private group and starts chatting with Julie. However, the conversations are interrupted when the high school student stops donating.

Threats from some tiktokers

According to 60 million consumers, Oriane Farib would also have auctioned her secondary account "aanflysecours". "Whoever gave the most money won the account. I sent more than 600 euros to try to win it, but to no avail," one TikToker told the magazine.

"To get ads and gain subscribers, I transferred several hundred euros to Benoît Chevalier via PayPal, using my fathers credit card," said Hugo, a 13-year-old boy. When they noticed the expenses, the young mans parents requested a refund from Paypal. Deprived of donations, the influencer later threatened Hugo.

These scams seem to be becoming more and more common on TikTok. Minors are also more likely to pay money so they can connect with their idol or earn subscriptions. However, the social network said that only people over 18 can buy "coins" in the app.

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