Trump laughs at "draconian blockades": "I'm going to have to go to Europe to explain"

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Traveling to Michigan two days before the end of the presidential election, President Donald Trump mocked Europe's handling of the coronavirus crisis.

A candidate for re-election, Donald Trump will stop at nothing to parade during his election rallies. He was once again pictured in Michigan on November 1, where he joked about the lockdowns enacted across Europe today.

Not out of any real interest in Europe, he was looking there to criticize his Democratic rival Joe Bidens approach to the coronavirus: "If Joe Biden imposes closure, you will live in a state prison," he promised the residents of this state that he had obtained in 2016. "That is what you want to do! Shut down the country! Let is shut it down for a few years and the virus will go away on its own," he scoffed.

"They confine and increase deaths"

"Those who do that are actually the ones who are doing the worst. Europe has already imposed draconian blockades and pollution and deaths have only skyrocketed there," he said from his desk in front of his supporters. "They were draconians and now they are starting over. But what are they doing there? I think I will have to go so far and explain," he laughed before promising his compatriots that they will not resort to these measures again.

94,000 cases in one day

As a reminder, the United States on Friday recorded a record of new coronavirus cases in 24 hours, more than 94,000 and almost 1,000 deaths for this single day. Therefore, the number of infections in the country continues to break records, while the pandemic has already claimed more than 230,000 lives in the United States.

On Friday, during another meeting, Donald Trump reiterated that the virus is claiming fewer and fewer victims in his country and that the figures are only due to doctors who lie to the statistics: "They exaggerate the figures. Because every death attributed to Covid makes money. " A false news that had also circulated in Belgium and then in France on social networks and that has since been denied.

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