Turkey deprives Twitter of ad revenue

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Turkey announced on Tuesday the ban on advertising revenue in this country for Twitter, a punitive measure that aims to force the social network to appoint a local representative and obey requests for removal of content from the courts.

The live video sharing application Periscope, which is owned by Twitter, as well as the social network Pinterest are subject to this ban on ad revenue, a decision published in the Official Gazette of Turkey.

"Tickets issued"

"The implementation of this measure will be carefully monitored by our institutions. Fines will be imposed on companies that pay them advertising revenue," Turkish Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Omer Fatih Sayan warned on Twitter.

Law came into force

This sanction is part of a law that came into force in October and that obliges the main social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, to appoint a representative in Turkey and obey the courts that request the elimination of certain content within a period 48 hours. For its detractors, this law opens the door to censorship, the Turkish authorities tirelessly follow critics on social media.

Facebook has relented

On Monday, a few hours before the ban on ad revenue went into effect, Facebook relented by announcing it would appoint a representative in Turkey, while reaffirming its attachment to freedom of expression. Before Facebook, other platforms like YouTube and TikTok had followed the same path.

Reduced bandwidth

To force compliance with recalcitrants like Twitter, the Turkish authorities have also planned a gradual reduction of their bandwidth: it will be cut in half in April, then reduced by 90% in May, which would de facto make these networks social. inaccessible.

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