Twelve-day-old baby dies of coronavirus

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The newborn suffered from heart problems, which were amplified by the virus. A first Covid-19 test was negative, but a second, four days later, was positive.

A 12-day-old Palestinian baby boy born with a heart condition died of coronavirus, the Palestinian Health Ministry said Tuesday. The baby is said to have contracted the virus after birth. The Ministry of Health is investigating how the baby contracted the virus.

The baby was from Hebron, where 4,332 Covid-19 cases of the 6,507 in the West Bank were identified. The region also has 41 dead. And on Monday, 342 cases were registered, for which the authorities indicate the weddings are responsible. The partial closure lasted until Sunday.

Meanwhile, the Gaza Strip has only identified 72 cases, with one death. No new cases have been discovered in the past month.

However, Israel faces a second wave of infections: a record number of 1,681 cases were recorded on Monday, the Israeli health ministry said. In total, the country has 21,393 infections and 368 deaths.

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